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Project Description
Computer Science/Software Engineering Class at UH Downtown. Project is a patient billing system.

Automated Doctor's Patient and Billing System

Primarily scheduling patient appointments, maintaining patient health records, and recording financial information (insurance, bills owed, etc.). A good place to start is to check the patient information and history form that your doctor (e.g. dentist, GP, etc.) require new patients to fill out. Then you may consider looking at the different serves provided with their associated fees. Note that at each visit the doctor must also fill out some information on the patient record. When a patient receive a service, payment may be billed to patient's insurance if s/he has one. Otherwise, the patient may pay immediately, or may opt for a monthly summary bill. Therefore, the system should also maintain the financial record of each patient, send monthly bills (assume thru e-mail), etc.

Project Development

The project will be done in groups of up to 5 students selecting their own partners. The documentation and programming efforts are shared equally by all team members. Additionally, certain team members play dual roles: each team needs a team lead, a secretary and a SQA representative.


Each team is required to make an approximately 20 minute’s presentation to the class on the dates that are specified in the schedule.


  • 10/14 -- Preliminary Requirements, Preliminary Product Specification, Preliminary Software Project
  • 11/25 -- Management Plan, Review Minutes, Time Log, Complete Requirements, Complete Product Specifications, Complete Software Project Management Plan, Preliminary Detail Design, Preliminary Test Plan, Review minutes and Time Log
  • 12/9 -- Complete Detail Design, Complete Test Plan, Demo & Screen shots, Source Code, Testing Records, Regression Test Plan (if needed), Review Minutes and Time Log, Team member evaluations (via BB Vista)

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